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Whose Mind Is it Anyway?


Welcome to Whose Mind Is It Anyway? The Improvised, HYPNOTISED, Musical Movie!

“Lights Camera... Disaster! Half the cast of the latest Hollywood Blockbuster haven’t turned up on set and with only 1 hour left to wrap the movie... What will our Hypnotic Director do?...

Simple, get some new recruits from the audience, throw away the script - and start again!"


About Us

Our elite team of all-star improvisers from shows such as Showstopper! The Improvised Musical, Austentatious and Bumper Blyton, will join forces with willing volunteers from our audience to form ONE CAST of Hollywood Actors for one night only and create a brand new improvised blockbuster movie - complete with a fully improvised musical score!

The twist? Our volunteers will be HYPNOTIZED LIVE onstage and with the support, creativity and ingenuity of our world-class improvisers, our volunteers will be elevated to superstardom and will believe everything that takes place in our movie - is happening for real.

The genre, locations and movie title are up to you the audience, but as our Hypnotic Director calls ACTION, you’ll meet heroes and villains, lovers and fighters, witness action and adventure, experience moving love scenes, nail-biting chase scenes and cliff hangers that will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Feel the tension. Experience the exhilaration. Marvel at the magic and mischief hypnotised volunteers add to the impressiveness of world-class improvisation...

As well as mind-bending hypnosis, you can be assured of side-splitting comedy, thrilling scenes, a full storyline, an evocative underscore and even big musical numbers complete with choreography... all improvised right before your very eyes...

By the time filming is over and our movie is ready for the red carpet premiere... Our hypnotic superstars will be woken up to take their rightful place in our hall of fame and revel in their new found stardom...

No two nights will ever be the same...so join us for a different improvised, hypnotised, musical movie premiere every single night...

The only way you’re going to sleep through this movie... is if you are in it!”

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